Welcome to Blouses for Sex - one of the very few internet sites which recognises the growing fetish for gorgeous girls dressed in wonderful blouses.

In a world in which femininity no longer seems the norm in fashion houses and high streets, come in and spend some time wallowing in the nostalgia of pretty girls wearing their most stylish and sexy blouses.

Here you’ll find sassy girls in satin blouses, slinky girls in silk blouses, glam girls in 70s blouses with their big sleeves, big collars and big cuffs, powerful girls in 80s blouses with shoulder pads, highnecks and tienecks, frills and ruffles, or just plain shirt style blouses.

Some are buttoned up to the neck, some are open to show-off great breasts in classic down-blouse poses, some are open altogether. Some are tucked in, some are untucked. Some are worn with scarves, some are worn with ties. However you like it, you’ll find it here.

Our gorgeous girls – some of the most glamorous models in the world – have teamed their favourite blouses with leather trousers or leather skirts, jeans, miniskirts, long skirts, stockings, or nothing at all.

Enjoy thousands of photographs, plus some videos, of our blouse-wearing beauties as they pleasure themselves or prepare to pleasure you.